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The IH AYLs is a professional development course for teachers working with children in contexts where speaking ability is a priority, such as exam-driven settings in which learners are tested on their oral skills. The course is designed to help teachers acquire in-depth knowledge of speaking skills and sub-skills , become familiar with international assessment criteria and use these criteria to accurately evaluate speaking performance. The course is also aimed at equipping teachers with practical ideas, strategies and activities to promote children’s speaking skills development.

The IH AYLs is focused on learners between the age of 6 and 12. However, the pedagogy covered can be suitable for slightly younger or older learners.

As there is no formal assessment on the course, the course is not officially certified by an academic body, like a university, who evaluates and moderates the coursework. However, certificates are awarded by International House Bangkok and include the International House logo, adding value and recognition to the award. If you are interested in an official certificate, you should take a look at our IH Certificate to Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers, an internationally recognised award moderated by IH World and Cambridge.

The IH AYLs is a professional development course for teachers working with young learners. It is the ideal teacher training course if you need to help your learners improve their speaking, if you teach examination classes for children or if you are planning to specialise as a young learners’ oral examiner.

No. The course is designed for both new and experienced teachers. However, the course content is highly specialised and, if you are looking for more generic training in teaching young learners, you may find our IH Intro Young Learners and our IH Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers more suitable.

No. The course is open to all teachers. However, an initial TEFL teacher training qualification or some teaching experience can better help you relate theory and practice.

No. You should only have a proficient level of English, equivalent to CEFR C1 or above if English is not your first language.

The IH AYLs covers a range of topics to increase your confidence and accuracy when assessing learners’ speaking skills as well as more competence in helping your students achieve their desired results in speaking tests.


The syllabus broadly covers the following activities:


- understanding and analysing speaking skills and sub-skills

- understanding and analysing international assessment criteria

- evaluating speaking performance against accepted criteria

- using evaluations to devise strategies for classroom instruction

- discussing ideas and activities for speaking development


There is no formal assessment and grading of coursework.

Quite busy! Each day will include input sessions on analyzing speaking skills and sub-skills, becoming acquainted with international assessment criteria, evaluating speaking performance using these criteria and exploring strategies and activities to help children improve their speaking abilities.

It's very simple! Choose your preferred course and send your application through our website. No payment is required at this stage. After we receive it, we will arrange a selection interview. You will attend an online interview with an IH AYLs trainer who will review your application and ask you about your motivation for wanting to take the course. This is to ensure that the course is a suitable match with your needs and wants. If you are accepted, you can start the course!

Payments can be made in cash at our school, by bank transfer or online by debit/credit card. Please visit our Payments page for more information.

Certainly. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page to view our cancellation and refund policies.   

Simply because we are one of the most reputable organisations in the world in English language teaching and have been providing teacher training and development courses for over 60 years. Our story started in 1962 when International House launched their first teacher training course in London, UK. A course that later became known as the Cambridge CELTA. Since then, thousands of teachers have chosen us for their training and development. Today, we are still one of the organisations that set the standards in teacher education.