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Accommodation in Bangkok

Comfortable and affordable accommodation solutions for International House students


A truly unforgettable experience

Vibrant, colourful, loud, smoky, bustling, exciting, turbo-charged, and conversely, often peaceful… Bangkok is a city that never gets boring and always gives you something exciting to see and do.

Discover Bangkok

Packed with temples, historical sites, bustling markets and street food stalls, Bangkok attracts almost 40 million tourists each year.

The international airport has flight connections to over 50 countries, and this makes Bangkok one of the easiest cities in South-east Asia to travel to.

Bangkok is a modern city with an efficient metro system, high-end malls, art galleries, trendy bars, restaurants and nightclubs, and it’s just a couple of hours away from national parks, beautiful beaches and rural landscapes.

With so much to offer, and with its relatively low-cost standard of living, it’s no wonder many choose Bangkok as the perfect place to study English and experience Thai culture.

Discover Bangkok
Living in Bangkok

Living in Bangkok

Living in Bangkok offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Thai culture and traditions.

Renowned for its affordability, Bangkok offers students an excellent cost of living compared to many other major cities. You can expect reasonable prices for daily essentials, transportation, and entertainment. Getting around the city is relatively easy thanks to Bangkok’s efficient metro system, and affordable taxis, motorbike taxis, and tuk-tuks. Bangkok is also a generally safe city, and we have a dedicated team that can assist you with any concerns or emergencies during your stay.

We are here to support you every step of the way, making your time in Bangkok a truly unforgettable experience.


Let us take care of your stay

Finding the right place to live in Bangkok can be challenging and that’s why we are here to help you find a place you can call home while you study at International House. With modern and affordable accommodation solutions close to the school, we have options to match your preferences and budget.

VP Tower

Our most popular accommodation package offers an affordable stay without compromises. In a studio apartment just a short Metro ride from the school, you will have all the comforts needed to concentrate on your course.


฿1,200 THB /DAY

฿8,000 THB /WEEK

฿15,000 THB /MONTH

Mona Suite

Enjoy the convenience of a fully serviced apartment at a very competitive rate. Just a quick shuttle bus ride and a short walk away, you will be within minutes from the school and have all the quiet space you need for studying.


฿9,100 THB /WEEK

฿22,000 THB /MONTH

Furama Asok

With a rooftop jacuzzi, gym and sauna, this is the ideal package if you are looking for a boutique hotel experience. You will be within walking distance from the school and have all the privacy to focus on your work.


฿1,800 THB /DAY

฿46,000 THB /MONTH (no breakfast)

฿50,000 THB /MONTH (with breakfast)


Do you need a student visa?

If you intend to study for more than 3 months, we can help you with the application for a student/educational visa.


Your experience matters

Let us help you find the right place to live

Contact us today to speak to an accommodation officer. We are here to help you find a place that matches your preferences.

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