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How to Apply

To apply, please email the following to

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Course Start Date
  • English Level
  • Course Choice (Global Business English Course only, 1-2 weeks of General English 15, General English 25, etc)
  • The German state you are from

Course Start Dates

Courses start every first and third Monday of the month.

Course Fees

The table below shows the costs of the Global Business English Course (725 Euro). There are also the prices of adding either 1 or 2 weeks of General English 15, General English 25, or Business English 25 with the Global Business English Course. If you would like to add more than two weeks, please email us at for a quote.

GBE + Study Holiday CoursesNumber of WeeksGlobal Business English Course Cost (Euros)Study Holiday Course Cost (Euros)Total Course Cost (Euros)
GBE** Only2 weeks800 Euros800 Euros
GBE & General English 153 weeks800 Euros190 Euros990 Euros
GBE & General English 154 weeks800 Euros345 Euros1,145 Euros
GBE & GE 25**, BE 25**3 weeks800 Euros305 Euros1,105 Euros
GBE & GE 25**, BE 25**4 weeks800 Euros575 Euros1,375 Euros

*Prices of normal courses are tied to Baht and are subject to change due to exchange rates.

**GBE – Global English Course, GE 25 – General English 25, BE 25 – Business English 25

Please note that the prices above are subject to change