Corporate English / In-house Training

In-house Training or at IH Bangkok

At IH Bangkok we understand that your employees face challenges and situations that are unique to your industry. While a traditional, generalized business English course will work well for some companies, others may have more specific needs that need to be addressed in a course tailored to their market sector. 

All of our in-house training courses and Corporate English courses at IH Bangkok are customized based on your company’s and staff’s needs.

We offer a wide array of courses that focus on communication, formal language, email writing, and skills specific to the needs of different workplaces.

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Past Clients

We have worked with some of the largest companies in Bangkok, while also working with companies as small at ten people. A few of our past clients include: Nike, AirAsia, Line Corp, Cathay Pacific, Tetra Pak, Schneider Electric, Hitachi, OCBC Bank, Sheraton, Kerry Express, JDE Coffee, and many others. We have taught lower level staff all the way to CEOs.

Business Sectors

Banking, Tech Companies, Health Care, Customer Service, Marketing, Hotels, Sales, Design Companies, Project Management, IT, among others.

What Makes us Different?

We believe that creating a customized course is the best way for your staff to get the most out of a Business English course. To assist in this we would meet with you to discuss the specific needs of your staff. Your staff members would then take a free placement test and then have an interview with our assessors to find their current levels of English, what they need English for, what they struggle with, and what set up of classes, homework, books, etc would be the best fit for them.

Setting Up a Course with IH Bangkok

Step 1: Client Meeting to Investigate Needs and Preliminary Suggestions

Step 2: Company-wide Assessment

Placement Test – To be provided by IH Bangkok

  • 100 Question Oxford Grammar Assessment Test
  • 100 Question Oxford Listening Assessment Test

After the tests are graded, in-person interviews with our Assessors

  • 10 to 15 minute interviews to assess spoken English, specific English needs and how they use English in their job.
  • Interviews will be run by three assessors and each interview will be with two or three staff members per assessor.

Step 3: More Detailed Course Suggestions

Based on:

  • Company wide assessment
  • Specific needs and desired focus of course
  • Any other necessary considerations

Step 4: Client Feedback

Step 5: Formal Proposal with Levels, Times and Pricing

Step 6: Confirm Course and Start Date

Customizing Your Course

Every course we run for corporate clients are customized based on the interviews with you and your staff. We guarantee that our courses will fit your business’ needs perfectly. If you have any questions please click here to send us a message, or email us at For sample course outlines, please see below: