Intro to Young Learners Course

Intro to Young Learners Course

Having had the motivation, dedication and perseverance to achieve the epic milestone that is the Cambridge CELTA (delivered by our expert trainers), you will be aware that although almost all of the skills are transferable, its primary focus is on teaching adults. You may be wondering, however, what additional techniques you will need in your arsenal for teaching YLs (young learners). Fear not, my fellow CELTA trained (or soon to be!) amigos; if you’re considering teaching YLs, International House has you covered with the IH Intro to Young Learners Course.


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What is the IH Intro to Young Learners Course?


Our Intro to Young Learners Course is a two-day introductory course which is held on the Monday and Tuesday before or after the Cambridge CELTA from 9:00-15:00 at our Bangkok premises. To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, all 2019 CELTA courses come with the two day course for FREE!

It is designed to provide teachers with the necessary tools to effectively manage the YL classroom, teach new language, set up activities, develop new and existing skills and deal with common problems. The sessions are very practical in nature and you will complete the course with a bag full of new tricks!



What will I learn on the IH Intro to Young Learners Course?


There are six sessions in total, the first of which is classroom management. Being able to effectively manage any classroom is an important skill. When it comes to teaching YLs, however, it is absolutely essential that your classroom management skills are on point. In this session you will learn how to better manage YL classes in terms of instructing, setting routines and setting up activities in order to be able to deliver a successful (and fun!) lesson.


Teaching grammar can be daunting for many teachers, but it doesn’t have to be. In this session, you will learn how to effectively convey meaning, cover form and deal with pronunciation with YLs in mind. YLs’ little brains are wired a little different to ours, so the approaches that are effective with adult learners will be changed a bit in this environment.


YLs love their games and they will love you for letting them play them in the classroom! Games are so good that YLs often don’t realise they are learning when they’re playing; it’s a win-win situation! In this next – extremely practical – session you will learn a host of meaningful vocabulary games that are fun, engaging and as an added bonus for you – quick to put together.


You will find that YLs aren’t the biggest fans of speaking English unless they absolutely have to. With this in mind, you have to know effective strategies and techniques needed to motivate YLs to speak English and develop their speaking skills. In this session, you will be provided with a host of useful ideas for speaking activities that are perfect for YLs.


Who doesn’t enjoy a catchy song or captivating story? Using songs and stories is a big part of teaching YLs so it’s important for teachers to know how to exploit them or adapt them when necessary. This session is extremely practical and is sure to get your creative juices flowing.


“For the love of Krispy Kreme Oreo Cookies and Kreme, I just can’t handle these disruptive students!” “My teenage students are far more interested in taking out enemies in Fortnite than participating in my lessons.” “Little Tommy is so incredibly shy, I can’t get him to speak for love nor money!” These are just some of the tricky situations that YL teachers will face from time to time. Dealing with problems will better enable you to deal with a variety of these difficult situations and provide you with ideas on how to best approach them when they arise.



How will I be assessed?


Upon completion of the course, participants will be awarded the IH Intro to Young Learners Course certificate.


– Richie