EFL Strategies Course

What is the English as a Foreign Language Strategies (EFLS) Course?

This is two-day course aimed at schools which have many subject teachers who don’t have formal training in teaching in an EFL context. It’s a practical course that focuses on how to effectively deliver subject lessons to learners of English in order to successfully teach the subject along with developing the students’ language skills. The course aims to give teachers useful lesson frameworks and practical techniques and activities to allow them to successfully teach learners whose second language is English,

This is two-day face to face course that comprise of three 90 minute input sessions per day.


Course Content


This practical course is comprised 6 sessions on the following topics:

  • Students as learners: This session reminds course participants (CPs) what it is like being a learner of English and the struggles they have in learning a subject in a foreign language.
  • Developing writing skills: This session looks at what successful writers do and how to replicate this in the lesson using a variety of techniques.
  • Presenting new language: Here CPs get to understand how to present new language effectively and to practice ensuring students have understood using a range of clarification techniques.
  • Getting students speaking: This sessions looks at how to make a variety of tasks communicative and how to encourage students to speak in English more, regardless of the subject being taught
  • EFL games and activities: Following on from the previous session, here a range of engaging learning activities are demonstrated in order to give students communicative practice that can be used in a range of different subject classes.
  • Developing reading skills: This session looks at ways to make learners more active readers and the techniques necessary to allow students to read more effectively.


What are the Benefits of the EFLS Course?

On completing the EFLS course, teachers will:

  • have developed their understanding of how students whose second language is English learn.
  • have extended the range of approaches to develop their learners’ receptive and productive skills.
  • have become more aware of ways to present and clarify new language effectively.


Reasons to Choose EFLS Course:

  • ideal for subject teachers with little or no EFL training.
  • the majority of the practical ideas and techniques demonstrated can be used in many different subject classes.
  • throughout the sessions the CPs will have a chance to reflect on how best to apply the ideas and techniques to their context and lessons.


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