Free Thai Teacher Training

Get the Most Out of Your Teachers

Free English Teacher Training

IH Bangkok is pleased to be able to offer your Thai teaching staff a free 2 hour training session on classroom activities and teaching techniques.

  • Our teachers are fully qualified and accredited University of Cambridge CELTA teacher trainers who have many years experience in teaching English as a foreign language to all age groups.
  • The session will focus on teaching your Thai teachers activities and techniques that will increase student talking time in the classroom.
  • Your Thai teachers will learn how to make their lessons more effective whilst engaging and encouraging your students to practice their newly acquired English language skills with confidence.
  • The training session is aimed at both Thai teachers of English and teaching assistants.

For more information, call us on +66 (0)2 168 7641, +66 (0)87 513-1116, +66 (0)87 513-1118 or email at