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IH Bangkok and Chiang Mai are pleased to offer schools in Thailand and the region a selection of high quality teacher training workshops that meet the varying training needs of schools, colleges and universities.  We offer sessions that can be tailor-made to the school’s specific needs and teaching context. The sessions are extremely practical, giving course participants (CPs) a variety of useful ideas, techniques and activities to take away and use in their classes.  For each workshop, CPs receive session material and a take-away handout.


Training Workshops We Offer


Young Learners

Classroom Management

This workshop covers key points to being able to manage a YL class effectively, covering areas such as setting routines, classroom language and giving instructions.  Once the teachers have the classroom management fundamentals it then allows the teacher the freedom to do much more in the classroom.

Engaging Teenagers

This session considers teenagers as learners and what motivates them to learn.  CPs will also take away a range of useful engaging activities to use in their lessons in order to keep teens attentive and engaged in their lessons.

Speaking Activities

Teachers often complain about the difficulty in getting young learners to communicate in English. Therefore this workshop looks at reasons why YLs are reluctant to use English and presents ideas and activities to get students talking away in English.

Creating Motivation

This session offers ideas on how to create intrinsic motivation in younger learners, providing tips and activities to use for a range of ages.

Grammar games

Covering grammar with adults is completely different than doing so with younger learners. CPs will receive practical ideas and activities to make grammar teaching more interactive and engaging.

Using flashcards

What can’t you do with a set of flashcards? The sessions gives CPs a smorgasbord or fun communicative flashcard activities that can be used to present and practise new language.

Using songs & TPR

This workshops looks at a variety of ways to use songs in the classroom and how to incorporate TPR into the lesson to make the class more memorable and fun.

Dealing with issues

The YL teacher faces a variety of different problems in the class, more so than in adult classes. Here we consider a range of situations and discuss how best to respond in each situation and strategies to make YL teaching as stress-free as possible.

Using craftwork

Young learners learn by doing and so this session presents several creative communicative craft activities that can be done in class to engage the learners and get them communicating in English.

Assessing speaking skills

More and more teachers are being asked to assess the speaking ability of younger learners. Therefore in order to be able to do so correctly this workshop offers guidance and practice in doing so.


Adult Learners

Introduction to classroom management

This session covers key concepts to effective classroom management such as the instructions cycle and task cycle and looks at what the role of the teacher is at each stage.

Advanced classroom management

Often in classes we run activities and everything goes nicely but we may feel something is lacking. Just getting students to do tasks isn’t enough and in this workshop we look at how you can demand more or your students, which isn’t the same as making it more difficult, and maximise the effectiveness of what we do in the class.

Clarifying new language  

Here CPs will not only be presented with a range of effective techniques to clarify new language, but also a chance to practise them in order to be able to check understanding successfully.

Teaching collocations

Why is it ‘afraid of’ and not ‘afraid by’? The session looks at what collocations are and the important they play in language learning from making students more fluent to being them better listeners. CPs will also be given a range of activities to use to get students to notice collocations and to practise them.

Pronunciation problems and practice for Thais

This workshop is ideal for teachers with Thai students as it considers what problems Thais have when it comes to English pronunciation and suggests some ways to remedy their problems.

Pronunciation games and activities

If you think pronunciation is just modelling and drilling then this session is for you.  Here we look a variety of fun communicative pronunciation games that can be used to give students extended pronunciation practice.

Creative writing tasks

“Today we are going to do some writing” is a phrase that students often hate hearing. However, this workshop suggests different techniques and activities to use in writing lessons in order to engage students in the writing process.

Extended speaking tasks

Being able to set up speaking activities that can meaningfully run for 45+ minutes is something that takes practice. Here we look at what the key ingredients are to an extended speaking task and how to stage each part.

Materials-light teaching

No matter how well prepared we try to be there are moments when we need to divert from the plan and change what we planned. This session looks at activities that we can use in the classroom to give students meaningful language practice, regardless of the language point, with little more than scrap paper. This workshop is also good for the busy teacher who has little time to plan.

History of ELT

“To know where we are going we need to know where we have come from” as someone once said. This session looks at how we have got to where we are in ELT and explore the rationale behind many activities and techniques we take for granted.

Lead-ins and warmers

How we start the lesson can set the tone for the rest of the lesson so it’s important to engage students at the beginning. This workshop provides CPs with a range of fun activities that can be used and adapted for most classes.


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