One of our past students made a wonderful video discussing her experience on the CELTA:


After teaching kids in Korea for ten years, I decided to make the switch to teaching adults. A CELTA certificate can certainly open some doors, but I was more interested in taking the course to upgrade my toolbox, so to speak. I was not the least bit disappointed.

I liked that the emphasis was not for trainees to memorise content, but on active participation. This made our morning input sessions fun, easy to grasp concepts, and allowed us to recognise how we could use what we were actively learning in teaching our own classes.

The best thing, in my mind, was the time taken for feedback. The IH Bangkok trainers establish a very supportive environment, where they guide and fellow trainees learn from one another. I really learned a lot about self-evaluation, and I think I’m a much better teacher for taking this course.


I’m Al from England, I had been teaching at a school in Thailand for 2 years prior to taking the CELTA in October 2013. After the course I returned to the school to complete my contract, I’m now hoping to get a job teaching adults. The CELTA course at I.H. Bangkok is intense but ultimately rewarding. All the trainers are very professional and supportive whilst guiding you through the course. The input sessions are student centred and fun, using the same teaching philosophy which is encouraged in your teaching practice session so it all ties in together well. The course helped me discover a new dimension to teaching. The students you teach have an interesting variety of backgrounds and are very understanding and fun to teach.

The location in downtown Bangkok is great and right next to Sala Deang BTS, this makes getting to other parts of the city on the BTS lines easy. Bangkok is a fun city with relatively low living costs combined with a vibrant night life, fantastic food, an incredible range of shopping and even some nature if you look hard enough. I would highly recommend doing the CELTA at I.H. Bangkok for its value for money and the great experience you leave with.


After spending one year teaching young learners in South Korea, I decided to do the CELTA course in Bangkok, Thailand. The course promised a practical approach to teaching, and that is exactly what I got.  Every aspect of the course was interactive, from participation in sessions with your instructors to peer evaluations, you are actively involved.

During the course you are given feedback by both your peers and instructors. This constant conversation allows you to see your weaknesses as a teacher, fix them and see how far you have come in such a short time.

The facility in Bangkok was perfectly located in the bustling city. For a person who constantly gets lost, this was a major plus! There were always computers available to work on assignments and the staff at IH Bangkok was friendly and incredibly helpful.

The best resource was the instructors who were always there to motivate and offer guidance. After completing the CELTA I was able to walk into a classroom with complete confidence in my abilities as a teacher.


Deciding which TEFL course to do is quite difficult. Before I chose to do the CELTA in Bangkok, I had looked around at various other courses, varying in both length and content. Post-CELTA, I am certain that I made the right choice.

Not only was studying with IH Bangkok engaging and exciting, the teaching practice and trainer input sessions were an invaluable experience. The course has had a profound effect on my confidence; owing to the inspiring tuition that is delivered in a stimulating and enthusiastic format.

The students are also very warming and their patience provides a safe training environment. You’ll get all of the support you need, and emerge from the course with a wealth of new approaches to teaching English as well as the skills to support them.

If, like me before, you have never taught in front of a classroom, then this is the place to start.


Celta is one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had! It was tough but definitely worth it. I think I never understood the word ‘intensive’ before I came to the course. For a month we all got immersed in the English language and got a totally different perspective about teaching English as a foreign language.

The tutors and all IH Bangkok staff were great – very professional and supportive. The tutors provided a whole range of useful ideas, tools and materials to teach effectively. They gently pushed us with feedback on our teaching practice so we could achieve our best and improve our teaching skills throughout the course.

There was a very good balance between the input sessions in the morning and the practical ones in the afternoon. Observing other teachers and peers was a very helpful way to get lots of good ideas that we could put into practice straight away.

Due to the intense nature of the course there was a growing and special relationship between the trainees. We constantly helped and supported each other creating a great and secure atmosphere, making the stressful moments much more bearable.

I am really glad I have done it and I am looking forward to continuing on to the DELTA course.


The staff at IH Bangkok is extremely competent and wonderful to work with. Whether you have been a teacher for one year or 20 years, these people definitely show you things that you did not know.

If you don’t leave here with a whole new outlook on how to best teach a class in English, then obviously you weren’t paying attention.