Delta Applications

Delta Application and Enrolment

Remember that acceptance on the course is subject to successfully completing the interview process. This is for you:

  1. To make sure you know what you are getting into.
  2. To highlight your strengths and weaknesses and how best to prepare for the Delta course.
  3. To clear up any queries about the course, centre or any practical issues.

Before applying, please ensure that you have read the official (and unofficial) Delta Entry Requirements and that you fully understand the requirements of each task that you are required to complete.

One aim of the process is for you to demonstrate your ‘language awareness’ and your current teaching experience, as well as to assess your ‘potential’ to successfully complete the Delta course

A second reason is that the process should afford you enough time to really consider whether the Cambridge Delta is the course for you, and to allow time for you to ask questions of us.

We have two DELTA options at the moment:

  1. Regular face to face DELTA courses
  2. Online Delta Courses

Both applications can be found below but please make sure to choose the correct one.

Applying for The Delta (Online or Face to Face)

We offer a few different course types for the Delta Face to Face (more information here):

  • Full Course (Module 1, 2 and 3)
  • Module 1 only
  • Module 2 only
  • Insight to Module 3 only
  • Module 3 Support Package only

For Delta Online we have 7 options (more information here):

  • Module 1 Part time (10 weeks)
  • Module 1 Full time (2 weeks)
  • Module 2 Full time (6 weeks)
  • Module 2 Part time (15 weeks)
  • Pre-Module 2 Preparation (10 weeks)
  • Module 3 Preparation only (4 weeks spread out)
  • Full Course (Module 1, 2 and 3)

For all of the above courses you will have to download the application. Depending on the course type that you would like, we have a corresponding pre-interview task to also complete before the interview.

There are 3 easy steps to a place on the IH Delta in Bangkok or Chiang Mai:

Step 1

Download the Delta Application Form (all course types). Then, download the relevant Pre-Interview task based on which course type you would like to apply for. If for Module 3 only or the pre-module 2 only, just complete the application form.

Course TypeDelta Forms Download Link
Application Form (All Course Types)Delta Application Form
Full Course Pre-Interview TaskFull Course
Module 1 Only Pre-Interview TaskModule 1 Only
Module 2 Only Pre-Interview Task (full time or part time)Module 2 Only
Module 3 or Pre-Module 2 Prep OnlineDelta Application Form

If you still have problems please let us know which course type you’d like to and we will send you the relevant form(s) as attachments.

Step 2

Complete and send your Delta Application Form back to us at

Step 3

The centre will contact you to arrange an interview within 7 days.

If you have any questions about the application process, contact us at