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Cambridge Delta Module 2 Online

The current worldwide situation prevents a lot of candidates from taking the Delta Module 2, and the online alternative has finally been approved by Cambridge. We have three course options for the Delta Module 2 online:

    1. Full-Time course (6 weeks – Monday to Friday)
    2. Part-Time course (15 weeks – Sunday)
    3. Pre-Module 2 preparation course (10 weeks – Sunday)

The Full-Time 6 weeks and Part-Time 15 weeks Module 2 courses will run like our normal face to face course (and can be taken both online. For course content, please visit Delta Course Content or see below.

The 10 week Pre-Module 2 preparation course is aimed at:

  • Those who were planning to take the course this year
  • Those who are planning to take the course and want to maximize their chance of successfully passing the course by being ready
  • Those who started preparing independently and would benefit from discussing their thoughts with peers and tutors
  • Those who need a more structured approach to the preparation and reading
  • Those who are not sure whether they are ready to attend the Delta Module 2 course

The Online Delta Module 2 Course

  Full-Time Delta Module 2

  • 100% online course or 100% Face to Face course (if Thailand borders are open)
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday All Delta Course Dates
  • Class Hours: 10:00 to 17:00
  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Access to Moodle during the course with additional guidance (include reading suggestions), self-access tasks and forum facility monitored by tutors
  • This will run almost exactly like our full-time face to face

  Part-Time Delta Module 2

  • 100% online course 
  • Schedule: Every Sunday All Delta Course Dates
  • Class Hours: 09:00 to 15:00
  • Length: 15 weeks
  • Two 90 minute input sessions a week
  • Individual assisted lesson planning
  • 1 developmental observation
  • 4 assessed lesson (including 1 externally assessed lesson)
  • Possibility to teach the lessons with the classes arranged by the centre or your own classes (Zoom, MS teams or live-streamlining in case these are face-to-face classes)
  • Experimental practice
  • Access to Moodle during the course with additional guidance (include reading suggestions), self-access tasks and forum facility monitored by tutors

Module 2 Course Content:

Full-Time and Part-Time format

Assessment for Delta Module 2 takes place mainly through:

  • Four observed and assessed Language Systems/Skills Assignments (LSAs)
  • Three of these are internally assessed by course tutors.
  • The fourth is externally assessed by a Cambridge Assessor.

Each LSA is focused on one of the language skills (Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading) or systems (Grammar, Lexis, Phonology, Discourse) and consists of:

A background essay of 2,500 words on the focus of the lesson, which …

  • … analyses it
  • … considers learning problems associated with it
  • … describes and evaluates teaching solutions for these

An assessed lesson of between 45 and 60 minutes, complete with an extended lesson plan which includes …

  • … a rationale for the design of the lesson
  • … analysis of the target area
  • … information about the learners

A post-lesson evaluation which reflects on …

  • … key strengths and areas to work on from the lesson
  • … the effect of these on the learners/learning
  • … ideas for further consolidation of lesson aims in future lessons

You also complete a Professional Development Assignment (PDA) in stages over the 8 weeks of the course. It consists of:

  • Reflection and Action (R&A): This involves reflecting on your beliefs and practices as teachers and begins with a diagnostic observation by a tutor. This is unassessed but the feedback from it will start the process of reflection and action.

Experimental Practice (EP):

  • In the EP, you try out a teaching approach you are not familiar with. You write a background essay on the underlying rationale of the approach, why you chose it, how you chose to implement it and how successful you feel the experiment was in retrospect. You submit this and your lesson outline for assessment, but the actual lesson is not observed by a tutor, only by one of your peers.

Pre-Delta Module 2 Course (10 weeks)

  What it involves:

  • 100% online course
  • Schedule: Every Sunday All Delta Course Dates
  • Class Hours: 18:30 – 20:00
  • Length: 10 weeks
  • Ten 90-minute sessions providing an overview of Delta Module 2 syllabus. All 7 key areas are covered, guidance and advice regarding core and specialised reading is included
  • An opportunity to write up to 2 background assignments (this is a part of each lesson on Delta Module 2) and receive feedback on that
  • An opportunity to design up to 2 lesson plans and receive feedback on that
  • An opportunity to teach one observed lesson (in your own context) online /or recorded and receive feedback according to the Delta Module 2 assessment criteria
  • Access to our dedicated Moodle site with additional guidance and forum facility monitored by tutors
  • An opportunity to discuss things in more detail in individual tutorials (optional, and for an additional fee)

Why choose these courses:

  • Unique product (Pre-Module 2 Course) – worldwide the success rate on Delta Module 2 courses is not always high. Short and intensive courses could be quite stressful and being better prepared might not only reduce the stress levels and workload, but it can also improve your chances to pass the course successfully and enjoy it more. We’ve been training teachers on the Delta for over 10 years and have long thought a pre-Delta Module 2 preparation course would be really helpful for trainees
  • Experience – With over ten years of experience training teachers on the Delta, we know how to help our students pass with as high a grade as possible.
  • Interactivity – we believe in the importance of self-study and flexibility, but we also would like to cater to those who prefer discussing things with each other and the tutor. The forum facility also allows for further interaction and sharing
  • Individual approach – we provide individual feedback on the submitted documents and the observed lessons. Part of the input is reactive, addressing the issues which are observed in the submitted work and lessons. We also provide an opportunity to discuss things in more detail in individual tutorials (optional, and for an additional fee)

Course Dates and Fees

*Subject to Cambridge continuing to approve online Module 2 courses after December 2021.

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