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Group lessons

There are a maximum of 12 students in a class. We believe in keeping classes as small as possible so that you can have more opportunities to practise and interact, and more personal attention.


Private lessons

Private lessons can be on a 1:1 individual basis (1 teacher with 1 learner) or in small private groups on a 1:2 (1 teacher with 2 learners), 1:3, 1:4, etc. basis. Learners applying for private groups must be from the same group of friends, colleagues, etc. and be at the same level of language proficiency.

Students come from all over the world with a majority from Asia and Europe. But we also have plenty of students from Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. Our aim is to create a balanced mix of nationalities in each class and allow you to practise English, learn about different cultures and become more confident in a globalised world.

Group lessons

Before your course, we will assess your level of English via a placement test. This is to ensure that you join a class that matches your language abilities and where you can maximise your opportunities for learning. We also take into consideration age and nationality to ensure classes are balanced and aligned with everyone’s needs.


Private lessons

Before your course, we will carry out a needs analysis to assess your level of proficiency (via a placement test) and understand your specific needs and goals. As lessons are custom-made, you will let us know what language skills and topics you prefer to focus on.

Of course! Some of our courses are delivered 100% online to allow you to join from anywhere in the world. Please visit our Online English page to find out more.

Certainly! We have a rich after-class social programme with visits to places of interest, excursions, nights out and day trips. We want you to experience English in and out of the classroom and create opportunities to expand your learning and development. And, of course, ensure you bring back with you wonderful memories of your time with us!

Yes. Upon completion of your course, your will receive a Certificate of Attendance from International House Bangkok stating the focus and duration of your course, and the highest level achieved.

It depends on the duration of your course. A student/educational visa is only required if you study in Thailand for more than 3 months.


SHORT COURSES (less than 3 months)

Most of our overseas students enrolled on short courses enter and leave Thailand on a tourist visa according to the duration they are granted on arrival (typically 30 days) or at the Thai embassy/consulate in their country (typically 30-60-90 days). Different countries have different immigration agreements with the Thai government, and we suggest checking with the Thai embassy/consulate in your country to find out whether you can be granted a tourist visa on arrival (and its duration) or you need to apply for it in advance. Some students, for example, decide to apply for a longer tourist visa (typically 60 days) in advance when they intend to study for longer periods or extend their stay after the course for travelling.


LONG COURSES (more than 3 months)

Overseas students applying for courses longer than 3 months are required to apply for a student/educational visa. International House can help you with the application. Please visit our Student Visa page to find out eligibility, requirements and the application process.

Yes. If you need accommodation while taking a course at International House, we can help you find a place where you can feel comfortable and focus on your studies. With modern and affordable accommodation solutions close to the school, we have options to match your preferences and budget. Please visit our Living in Bangkok page for more information.

It's very simple! Choose your preferred course and send your application through our website. No payment is required at this stage. After we receive it, we will review your application and get in touch with you with more information on how to complete the enrolment.

Payments can be made in cash at our school, by bank transfer or online by debit/credit card. Please visit our Payments page for more information.

Certainly. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page to view our cancellation and refund policies.

Simply because we are one of the oldest and most reputable organisations in the world. Our story in English language teaching started in 1953 when the first International House school was established in Cordoba, Spain. The success of the educational approach and the quality of teaching quickly spread and new language schools were gradually opened in Europe and the rest of the world. Since then, thousands of students have chosen us for their English language learning and development. Today, with over 140 affiliated schools in 45 countries spanning every continent, we are still one of the organisations that set the standards in English language teaching and learning.