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CELTA Online

Take the most widely recognised TEFL course in the world 100% online from wherever you are


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Unlock the world of TEFL education with online learning. Study from anywhere, anytime and choose from a variety of courses to achieve your goals.

CELTA Online

CELTA Online offers the same internationally recognised qualification from Cambridge as the traditional face-to-face course but with the added benefit of flexibility and convenience.

The course is delivered entirely online and the format is particularly convenient if you want the flexibility of online study, if you want to limit travel costs, or if you plan to teach English online as you’ll learn more about the digital tools needed.

CELTA Online consists of a combination of self-study and live online tutorials and includes remote observations and teaching practice sessions with real students, just as you would expect in a face-to-face course.

Upon completion, you will be awarded the same CELTA certificate as those who complete the face-to-face course.

CELTA Online Course


Online learning made easy

Our online CELTA is managed using Moodle, a flexible online platform featuring easy-to-use learning tools to help you access input resources, templates, assignments and everything else you need to progress on the course.

Input sessions with your trainers and practice lessons with your students are on Zoom, a popular and user-friendly software that offers video meetings, screen-sharing, whiteboards and other tools to deliver effective online lessons.

All you need is a computer, a microphone, a webcam and an internet connection. We’ll take care of the rest!

We’re an approved Cambridge CELTA centre and offer a range of Cambridge teacher training and development courses.

Cambridge Authorised Exam Centre
Cambridge English Teaching


Teacher training specialists since 1962

Our story in teacher development started in 1962 when International House launched their first teacher training course in London, UK. A course that later became known as the Cambridge CELTA. Since then, thousands of teachers have chosen us for their training and development. Today, we are still one of the organisations that set the standards in teacher education.


Full-time or Part-time. Face-to-face or Online.

Choose a course that best suits your time, pace and preferred way of studying. Complete the course in 4 weeks on our intensive full-time programme or in 10 weeks on a semi-intensive part-time basis. Face-to-face at our centre or online from the comfort of wherever you are.


Enrol with a friend and receive a $50 USD discount on your course

Just add a note to your application form and let us know who you are applying with.


What's in the CELTA course?

The CELTA course covers the principles of effective teaching and gives you a range of teaching techniques and practical experience. You get hands-on teaching practice and observation of experienced teachers, and you’ll apply your learning by delivering communicative teaching with real English language learners.


A talented, dynamic and passionate team

Meet the trainers that make our teacher training programmes stand out from the crowd. A team of highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers dedicated to motivating and supporting you throughout your learning journey.


All your questions answered

CELTA is one of the most widely taken English teaching qualifications in the world. It can provide you with the skills, knowledge and hands‑on practice to follow a rewarding career in teaching, either at home or abroad. The certificate is awarded by Cambridge English, which is part of the University of Cambridge, and it’s recognised by private organisations and public institutions worldwide.

Yes. CELTA is assessed, moderated and awarded by Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge. CELTA is also accredited by Ofqual (the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England) at level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework. CELTA is accepted throughout the world by organisations and institutions which employ English language teachers.

TEFL and TESOL are umbrella terms to describe Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. CELTA is in fact a TEFL/TESOL course. The difference is that CELTA is the only TEFL/TESOL course assessed, moderated and awarded by Cambridge University. A TEFL/TESOL certificate from any provider out there is just a certificate the quality of which is difficult to verify. A TEFL/TESOL certificate from Cambridge is a guarantee of high educational standards. This is the reason why it’s the most widely recognised English teaching qualification in the world and the most often requested by employers. Many of our CELTA graduates previously obtained a so called “120-hour Level 5 TEFL/TESOL certificate” but found it of little use when applying for certain teaching jobs with private schools or public institutions. Simply put, the Cambridge CELTA is the only certificate that can get you an English teaching job anywhere.

CELTA is the ideal course if you are starting a career in English language teaching, if you are looking for a new career or want a career break, if you are an English teacher without a formal qualification yet, or if you are an English teacher who simply wants to further increase your teaching knowledge and skills.

No. You just need to be over 18, have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education (you do not need a degree), and have a level of English equivalent to CEFR C1 or above if English is not your first language (you do not need to present a language proficiency certificate).

Not at all! CELTA is an initial teacher training course, and it caters to the needs of novice teachers. However, some prior knowledge of grammar and sensitivity towards language is beneficial and will definitely make your life easier during the course. This is why we also offer a Grammar Refresher course if you feel the need to brush up on your knowledge and better prepare for the course. 

No. You don't need to be an expert as long as you know how to use familiar computer applications for video calls (e.g. Skype, Zoom, etc.), office work (e.g. Word, Power Point, etc.) and file sharing (e.g. iCloud, Google Drive, etc.). Some training is provided and your tutors are always there to support you. In terms of equipment, you only need a computer, a microphone, a webcam and a stable internet connection.

CELTA is designed with adult learners in mind and both theory and practice focus on adults. However, a lot of the pedagogy covered, and the experience of teaching can be easily transferred to a young learners’ class. If you are interested in training courses fully focused on teaching children, you should take a look at our Intro to Teaching Young Learners and Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers.

There’s no difference except for the mode of studying and teaching. In fact, the certificate doesn’t mention whether you completed the course face-to-face or online. This is because the syllabus and the assessment are exactly the same. Of course, if you take CELTA online you attend classes and teach your students on Zoom. From wherever you are!

Only the intensity! Both options follow the same syllabus and assessment, just at a different pace. The full-time option lasts 4 weeks (from Monday to Friday) and it’s ideal if you have the time to drop everything and fully focus on your course. The part-time option lasts 10 weeks (on Saturdays and Sundays) and it’s convenient if you have to manage multiple commitments at home, work or school.

The course is 120 hours in total and you will receive a lot of input from your tutors on methodology, lesson planning, analysing language and teaching language and language skills. You’ll observe experienced teachers teaching real lessons and learn about the different skills and techniques they use. You will teach real language learners throughout your course for a total of 6 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice. The course is very practical, and the experience of teaching makes it particularly valuable once you step into the real world. You will also have to complete four written assignments based on the input you receive. There is no final exam, you are assessed throughout the course based on your teaching and your written assignments. Every course is moderated by an external assessor, appointed by Cambridge English.


For detailed description of the CELTA syllabus, assessment and outcomes, please visit the Cambridge website.

Quite busy! Whether you study full-time or part-time, a day on the course usually includes input sessions on theory and practice, lesson planning with your tutors, teaching rehearsals, teaching practice and observations, and feedback meetings. The timetable may vary depending on the schedule of our teaching practice classes. Contact hours usually start at 9.00 and end at approximately 17.30. However, there is a fair amount of independent work which you have to complete after contact hours. You need to be prepared to work long hours for the entire duration of the course.

No. A student/educational visa is not necessary for a short course like CELTA (26 days from beginning to end). A student/educational visa is required if you study in Thailand for more than 3 months. Most of our overseas candidates enter and leave Thailand on a tourist visa according to the duration they are granted on arrival (typically 30 days) or at the Thai embassy/consulate in their country (typically 30-60-90 days). Different countries have different immigration agreements with the Thai government, and we suggest checking with the Thai embassy/consulate in your country to find out whether you can be granted a tourist visa on arrival (and its duration) or you need to apply for it in advance.

What’s important is that you have a valid visa for the entire duration of the course and your stay.

Some candidates also decide to apply for a longer tourist visa (typically 60 days) in advance, often when they intend to extend their stay after the course for travelling.

If you successfully complete the course and are awarded the CELTA certificate, you will be a highly desirable and employable teacher. A study conducted by Cambridge of 600 English language teaching job adverts in over 60 countries has revealed that CELTA is the qualification most often requested by employers.

It's very simple and there are no deadlines! Just choose your preferred course and send your application through our website. No payment is required at this stage. After we receive it, we will send you a set of pre-interview tasks which you will have to complete before the selection interview. You will attend an online interview with a CELTA trainer who will ask you about the pre-interview task and your motivation for wanting to take the course. This is to ensure that the course is a suitable match with your needs and wants. If you are accepted, you can start the course!

Payments can be made in cash at our school, by bank transfer or online by debit/credit card. Please visit our Payments page for more information.

Certainly. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page to view our cancellation and refund policies.

Because we created it! The course was originally developed by International House in the early 1960s before Cambridge took over in the late 1980s to assess, moderate and certify. We have a long tradition in teacher training and development, and thousands of candidates successfully complete the CELTA course with us every year. Training with International House means that you are training with one of the organisations that set the standards in teacher education.


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