English for Job Seekers

First impressions are important when you are applying for a new job.  From the moment that your CV or application arrives to the interview, it’s vital that you make the best possible impression.

At IH Bangkok, we understand that busy decision makers have little time to read all the CVs or applications, that’s why we’ll make yours really stand out from the rest.

At the interview stage, it’s not just what you say, but how you look, talk and act. At IH Bangkok, we’ll give you the tips that’ll help you impress.

Our short 10 hour intensive course is designed to:

  • Help you write a perfect CV or application and covering letter.
  • Teach you how to succeed at the interview. This includes:
    • Presenting Yourself Successfully – making a good impression before, during & after your interview.
    • Answering “Traditional” Questions – be prepared for your interviewer’s questions.
    • Answering “Behavioural” Questions – these are the difficult questions about you.
    • Questions You Should Ask – what you can learn during your interview.

You can be sure that you’re in safe hands at IH Bangkok as all of our teachers:

  • Are native English speakers.
  • Are Cambridge CELTA qualified.
  • Have a bachelor degree from a good university in an English speaking country.
  • Are dedicated to teaching you what you need to succeed in a fun, relaxed and informative way.
  • Have personal experience of interviewing and being interviewed.

To find out how IH Bangkok can help you, contact us today and book your free assessment test.