Course Overview (Bildungsurlaub)

Two Week Global Business English Course (Bildungsurlaub)

English has never been more important to successfully navigating today’s globalized economy. At IH Bangkok we understand the specific type of English and cultural knowledge needed to be effective. The focus on Business English is a reflection of the reliance on English as the global language of international trade.

To sign up for the 2 week Global Business English course or to learn more about the fees, please visit our Apply Now / Course Fees page.

If you are a German national, you can apply for extra holiday from your government to attend this course. The course is two weeks in length, 30 hours per week, for a total of 60 hours in order to meet all the requirements set forth from the German Government.

Available Courses:

Bildungsurlaub General English

 – 25 hours of General English + 5 hours of English Immersion activities through games and excursions.

Bildungsurlaub Business English

 – 15 hours of General English, 10 hours of Business English, 5 hours from either choice A, B, or C

Choice A: Global Business English

Choice B: Taste & Talk (Buy, Eat and cook) Learn Traditional Thai cooking with a Thai Chef taught in English

Choice C: Thai Immersion and Culture in English Language



The course will cover the following:

  • English in Business settings
  • Grammar and vocabulary to increase confidence
  • Spoken and written communication
  • Insight into British, American, Japanese, Thai, Indian and Chinese culture through English

A Typical Day




Grammar Review

9:00 am to 11:00 am

Always be polite.

Modals of obligation and vocabulary concerned with making and receiving phone calls.

Relationships, old and new.

Talking about present and past habits and vocabulary concerned with relationships.

Communication Hour

11:15 am to 12:15 pm

Tell us about…

Students use the language to talk about and discuss obligations in various situations .

How did they change our world?

In groups, students discuss how people managed things before certain inventions.

Business English

13:15 pm to 15:15 pm


Agreeing and disagreeing politely.

(Yes, of course, it is isn’t it, I’m afraid not, actually, Do you think so?…)


Accepting proposals, making concessions and applying pressure.

(Do you think, in that case, we can/can’t do that…)

Cultural Difference

15:30 pm to 16:30 pm

Big Business in China:

The capitalist explosion in the communist super state.

Unlocking Japan:

Respecting historical traditions in the technological juggernaut.

Extra Activities (optional)

Group Dinner

Visiting a Sky bar

By The End of the Course…

…you will have improved your communication ability using all the four skills in English (reading, writing listening and speaking) and broaden your subject knowledge in terms of grammar and vocabulary specifically for the business environment. You will understand models of business and etiquette in the business environment so that you can engage more successfully in commerce in your respective market.

Studying for Longer than 2 Weeks

If you would like to study for longer than two weeks, we are happy to offer our General English 15, General English 25, Business English 25, Intensive Business English and Exam Preparation 25 courses which can be added on to the beginning or the end of your two week Global Business English course.

For answers to specific questions about the Bangkok Global Business English course or if you’d like to sign up today, please send us a message or email us at