General Aptitude Test (GAT)

For students wishing to achieve entry into a university in Thailand through the university admission system, a good score in the General Aptitude Test (GAT) is very important. Section 2 of the test, and 50% of the score, is on your ability to communicate in English. The exam will test your English in:

  • Speaking.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Structure and Writing.

At IH Bangkok, we can help you prepare for this important exam, teaching you:

  • The essential grammar and vocabulary that you will need to succeed.
  • Reading techniques to give you time to complete the exam and check your answers.
  • Context checking techniques so that you can understand words even if you have not seen them before.

Why not try out a few of the questions from the test and see how you do?



Out of the 4 options, choose the best answer:

1. A: I really want to buy a new computer.
B: What? Just an hour ago you were complaining that you have been________.

1. up and away

2. on and off

3. down and out

4. back and forth


2 A: Did you tell the doctor you are cancelling the appointment?
B: No. _______________?
A: Of course, People expect you to call them when it is necessary to cancel the appointment.

1. Should I

2. Would I

3. Could I

4. May I



Three of the words relate to each other and one does not. Choose the word that does not:

  1. Chubby
  2. Stout
  3. Obese
  4. Meagre
  1. Supposition
  2. Contingency
  3. Presumption
  4. Hypothesis

Structure and Writing.

Read the following statement and choose the underlined part that is grammatically wrong:

Environmental experts (1) claim that Planet Earth (2) is steadily warming up because (3) of human activities, and the developed world is primary (4) responsible for this.

Choose the best answer to complete the sentence:

_______________ the growth rings of the tiny crystalline structure in the inner ear of the fish reveal the age of the creature.

  1. Fishermen have long known that
  2. It is a long known that fishermen see
  3. Revealed by fishermen who have known that
  4. As fishermen have known for a long time that

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