TKT Course and Exam Dates

TKT Exam Dates 2022/2023:

Exam DateApplication DeadlineResults DateCertificates Dispatched

TKT Module 1 Course

9:00 – 10.15Assessment Types & TasksLearner NeedsDescribing PhonologyDescribing Skills and Sub-skillsThe Role of Error
10:30 – 11:45Learner CharacteristicsDescribing LexisTask Type 2: Multiple-choice TasksDescribing FunctionsTask Type 4: Introduction to Odd One-Out Tasks
12:45 – 14:00Describing GrammarTask Type 1: Introduction to Matching TasksLearner MotivationTask Type 3: Introduction to Sequencing TasksActivities and Tasks for Skills Development
14:15 – 15:30Differences Between L1 and L2 LearningExposure to Language and Focus on FormPresentation Techniques and ActivitiesActivities and Tasks for Language DevelopmentModule 1 Revision and Practice

TKT Module 2 & 3 Course

9:00 – 10.15Choosing Assessment ActivitiesSelection and Use of Coursebook MaterialsModule 2 Exam PracticeFunctions of Teacher LanguageTeacher Language – Appropriacy of Use
10:30 – 11:45Common Sequences in lessonsSelection and Use of Supplementary MaterialsExam Practice FeedbackGiving FeedbackThe Roles of the Teacher
12:45 – 14:00Identifying and Selecting Lesson AimsSelection and Use of Teaching AidsCategorising Learners’ MistakesGrouping LearnersModule 2 Exam Practice
14:15 – 15:30Identifying Components of a Lesson PlanUsing Reference Resources for Lesson PlanningCorrecting LearnersFunctions of Learner LanguageExam Practice Feedback

TKT YL Course

9:00 – 10.15Children as Language LearnersUsing Additional ResourcesActing on Assessment Evidence
10:30 – 11:45Children’s Cognitive and Communication StrategiesManaging Young Learners in ClassFocuses of Assessing Learning
12:45 – 14:00Lesson PlansScaffolding Children’s Understanding and Use of LanguagePurposes of Assessing Learning
14:15 – 15:30Providing Support & Challenge When Using MaterialsUsing Practice ActivitiesTKT:YL Exam Practice & Feedback

TKT Course Dates 2022/2023

TKT Module 1 

MonthCourse FromCourse ToCourse TimeCourse Location
October 202203-Oct-2207-Oct-2209:00 – 15:30Bangkok
March 202306-Mar-2310-Mar-2309:00 – 15:30Bangkok
October 202309-Oct-2313-Oct-2309:00 – 15:30Bangkok

TKT Module 2 

MonthCourse FromCourse ToCourse TimeCourse Location
October 202210-Oct-2212-Oct-2209:00 – 15:30Bangkok
March 202313-Mar-2315-Mar-2309:00 – 15:30Bangkok
October 202316-Oct-2318-Oct-2309:00 – 15:30Bangkok

TKT Module 3

MonthCourse FromCourse ToCourse TimeCourse Location
October 202213-Oct-2214-Oct-2209:00 – 15:30Bangkok
March 202316-Mar-2317-Mar-2309:00 – 15:30Bangkok
October 202319-Oct-2320-Oct-2309:00 – 15:30Bangkok


MonthCourse FromCourse ToCourse TimeCourse Location
October 202217-Oct-2219-Oct-2209:00 – 15:30Bangkok
March 202320-Mar-2322-Mar-2309:00 – 15:30Bangkok
October 202323-Oct-2325-Oct-2309:00 – 15:30Bangkok

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