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Assessing and Developing YLs Speaking Skills - Course Content

In order to develop speaking skills in younger learners, we need to understand what these skills are. The course takes you through the criteria used in international tests, with the idea of seeing how these can inform us in planning activities that will help our young learners become better speakers.

During the course trainees will attend 9 hours (6 x 90 min sessions) of training that:

  • looks into what constitutes communicative ability in children of different age groups: when we assess speaking skills, what exactly is assessed?
  • discusses what’s behind each criterion used to assess children of different age groups, and how applying different sets of criteria for younger/older children makes assessment more successful;
  • explores how ways of assessing speaking can be adapted to your context;
  • trains you to give more accurate assessment of your students’ speaking abilities, to know exactly what needs to be improved and how it can be done;
  • allows you to walk away with a range of techniques and activities to develop speaking skills; build up confidence and gain more control in what’s going on in your classroom when it comes to speaking activities.
  • gives you your first step to be a future oral YL examiner.

All participants will get a formal certificate of completion confirming that they have been professionally trained in assessing speaking skills by a Cambridge Delta qualified trainer and assessor.  This isn’t a course that is available anywhere else and is exclusively offered by the largest Cambridge teaching training centre in the world.